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In San Antonio there are approximately 7,000 children living in foster care and 11,000 who are homeless. All 18,000 of these children have one thing in common: they each have a birthday.


Fiesta Wishes was founded in 2017, by three friends with one vision: bring SMILES, MEMORIES, and HOPE to children in unfortunate situations.


By partnering with local organizations, Fiesta Wishes provides monthly birthday fiestas to children where we celebrate with cake, cupcakes, music, and a special gift for the birthday child.

Introducing our inaugural Fiesta Medal!

You can "blow out the candle" of our first-ever Fiesta medal, complete with a spinning candle flame in the center. 

All proceeds from the sale of the Fiesta medal go toward advancing our mission. 

Medals will be shipped within 1-3 business days after orders are received.

Check out what we have been up to in our first year!

Celebrating birthday fiestas for foster and homeless children